Viet Show Television (VSTV) is one of the most influential media organizations in California. VSTV opens doors to the Vietnamese-American market. We provide news and entertainment to Vietnamese-Americans living in the Northern California area. Our coverage includes the cities of San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Petaluma, Vacaville, Tracy… Using the latest digital technology, VSTV provides viewers with quality broadcast on the digital platform. Backed with over nine years of experience in the broadcasting field, our highly qualified staff and partnership with Saigon TV, Vietoday TV, provide us the capability to serve Vietnamese- Americans of all generations at various stages of assimilation to the Western culture and lifestyle.


In partnership with Saigon TV and Vietoday TV, VSTV’s program capabilities are boundless. Providing up-to-date local news and current events is our main focus, VSTV also covers news from the United States, Vietnam, and all over the World. Our programs are dedicated to preserving the Vietnamese culture. VSTV produces special programs and hosts cultural events to encourage community unity and involvement. Our locally produced shows are both in-language and bilingual, aimed to entertain viewers of all ages. Many dimensions of our programming will keep audiences coming back for more!


NORTH AMERICA: North America customers can enjoy our programs with US & Canada Galaxy Satellite channel 19.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA: Incorporate with KTSF, we promise to provide the best quality TV programs in the San Francisco Bay Area on channel 26.6 KTSF (free-to-air) that is:Reaching 1.4 million Asian-Americans.Serving more than 2,750,000 households.Covering 10 Bay-Area counties.In San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, and Fresno areas, We also serve Comcast Cable customers on channel 238.

SOUTHERN CALIFONIA: VSTV also broadcasts on channel 57.5 KJLA (free-to-air) in Los Angeles metropolitan area.

ONLINE TV: VSTS local channels can be viewed online at no cost from our website:


Viet Show TV promise a great potential for your business not only because we have a wide coverage network, but also because we produce and broadcast the best TV shows which keep our audiences to be in front of their TVs most of the time.We serves the most advertising customers among all Vietnamese channels in the U.S. Our customers includes many companies like Toyota, China Airlines, Lee’s Sandwiches, Hung Phat Jewelry, and Mai Huong Jewelry.We are always ready to bring success to your business.